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Ashot Kyureghyan

Ashot Kyureghyan is founder of A.K.A. Lex Sportiva Law Office, which operates worldwide and is profiled exclusively in sports industry alongside with its commercial activities. Having 8 years of experience in sports industry, Ashot was engaged in various committees, organizational groups and other activities related to the sports governance, management and law. Ashot is an qualified lawyer with expertise in Armenia and Switzerland, in Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Ashot also operates internationally by representing various stakeholders within the scope of the legal framework of prominent international sports institutions like FIFA, UEFA, FIBA, International Olympic Committee, located in Switzerland. Ashot is nominated as a Panel member of Boxing Independent Integrity Unit of International Boxing Association, which acts as an alternative dispute resolution body for disputes occurred within the scope of activity of IBA competitions. At the same time, he is also included in Legal & Regulatory Working Group of European Club Association (ECA), located in Switzerland, which is one of the most respectful organizations in the industry. Ashot is an author of various articles dedicated to international sports law and governance and is engaged in multiple academical activities aimed to the sports law development.