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Leonid Shmatenko

Leonid Shmatenko

CEO and Founder

Founder of Esports Legal News, Leonid Shmatenko, stands at the forefront of legal innovation in the esports domain, crafting pathways through its unique regulatory and technological landscapes. With a rich tapestry of experience in esports and blockchain, Leonid provides astute legal guidance to esports associations, clubs, and entities, ensuring they navigate through regulatory, data protection, and technology law with finesse and foresight.

Leonid’s expertise is not merely recognized within the confines of his practice but is also celebrated in the legal community. Who's Who Legal extols him as "an innovative thinker and an expert in CIS and esports disputes," further describing him as an "outstanding arbitration practitioner with diverse experience and a broad network." These accolades underscore his adept ability to navigate complex disputes and regulatory challenges, particularly in the vibrant and fast-evolving esports industry.

At Esports Legal News, Leonid is not merely a founder but a pioneering force, ensuring that the esports industry is navigated with strategic legal insight, safeguarding its interests, and propelling it into a future where legal frameworks are not just adhered to but are also instrumental in shaping its evolution and growth.