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Rodolphe Ruffié-Farrugia

Rodolphe Ruffié-Farrugia

Director and Founder

Co-founder of Esports Legal News, Rodolphe Ruffié, brings a wealth of expertise in international commercial arbitration, investor-state dispute settlement, and public international law, with a practice that spans across continents including Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and North America.

Rodolphe has carved a niche in advising parties through high-stake cross-border disputes across a myriad of industries and jurisdictions. While his proficiency encompasses sectors like energy, mining, infrastructure, and telecommunications, he also harbors a distinctive focus on the burgeoning fields of space activities, esports, and the cannabis industry.

In the dynamic world of esports, Rodolphe applies his extensive knowledge to navigate through complex legal terrains, ensuring that stakeholders are well-represented and advised in this rapidly evolving industry.

At Esports Legal News, Rodolphe coalesces his profound expertise with a pioneering spirit, ensuring that the esports industry is not only legally navigated with precision but also evolves with a robust legal framework that propels it into its future.