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Alex Barbarà

Established as a lawyer in Barcelona, I am specialized in data protection and information security, I have always seen esports as my third way of specialization. I started as a consultant for amateurs or semi-professional teams, players, or even streamers, trying to give advice and solutions to the habitual legal problems of those stakeholders. This was in a context where it seemed that no possible legal solutions could be applied, but people wanted things to be done well. This led me to publish a blog where I could share all my thoughts or solutions to those problems to help the growing Spanish ecosystem. I combine these with self-investigations about the international esports scene and its regulation. I am on a spiral of question-answer about how things were done in other countries, which I try to share in my blog with non-canonical texts for the average internet visitor. This led me to my first book, “Sin leyes no hay competición" (No laws, no competition), an insightful discourse on the foundational public regulations of esports and their prospective impacts on forthcoming legislative frameworks. Nowadays, I maintain that same spirit but with different approaches. Recently, I have published some of my specific esports country/legislation context that I titled “El avance de los esports en…” (The advance of esports in…), which I want to be a collaborative text where people help me in my writings. To know more about me, visit: