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Bo Hyun (Jenny) Kim

Foreign Attorney (Associate), Yulchon LLC, Seoul, South Korea Bo Hyun (Jenny) Kim is a U.S. attorney licensed in the District of Columbia. Born in South Korea, raised in Europe, and educated at the local American international schools, she seeks to bridge Asian discourse on legal, regulatory and policy frameworks with its European and American counterparts. In particular, she has engaged in cross-comparative analyses of legal and regulatory issues with respect to emerging technologies in South Korea, the EU and the U.S. Her publications include articles and blog posts in the Cambridge Journal of Law, Politics, and Art, the Regulatory Review at the University of Pennsylvania Carey School of Law, the London School of Economics Law Review, and the American Review of International Arbitration at Columbia Law School, covering a range of issues including NFTs, loot boxes and their intersection with esports. She currently works as a foreign attorney in the Corporate & Finance Department at Seoul-based Yulchon LLC, recognized by the Financial Times as the Most Innovative Law Firm in the Asia Pacific region. Her practice primarily focuses on M&A, private equity transactions and energy projects.