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Darius C. Gambino

Darius Gambino has over 20 years of experience helping clients protect their intellectual property in the United States and abroad. Clients in industries ranging from technology and manufacturing to consumer goods and professional services rely on Darius to represent them in high stakes patent, trademark and copyright litigation. Darius also assists clients with managing global patent and trademark portfolios, and counsels clients on enforcement strategies. He also represents clients in connection with intellectual property licensing, trade secret disputes, and corporate diligence investigations. Image "Lawyers with Game" logo Darius is the creator and host of the firm’s “Lawyers With Game” video series on YouTube, where he and others from the firm’s Video Gaming and Esports Group discuss current legal issues in the gaming and esports industries. Show less Darius' patent practice focuses mainly on the electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines. He has worked in various fields including computer software and hardware, consumer goods, medical devices, semiconductor manufacturing, telecommunications, sensors, computer memories and conditional access technologies. Before earning his law degree, Darius was a patent examiner for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Darius is a frequent speaker, and has written extensively, on the topics of design patents and trade dress. Darius is the author of "Trade Dress: Evolution, Strategy and Practice" (2015) from LexisNexis.