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Dr Despoina Farmaki

Despoina, a pivotal member of Esports Legal News, seamlessly blends her fervour for Intellectual Property and Internet law with a specialised focus on the vibrant Video Game industry. In her current role as the Programme Element Leader for Pre-Masters and Lecturer at Brunel University London Pathway College, she navigates the realms of academia and legal practice, with a particular emphasis on the digital domain. Despoina's commitment to advancing the legal understanding of the video game industry is evident in her Ph.D thesis, titled "The Interpretation of Copyright Protection in Video Game Streaming in Europe" which delved into the intricate relationship between copyright protection and the emerging phenomenon of video game streaming in the European context. Her dedication to this field ensures that she remains at the forefront of legal developments. With a Master of Laws (LLM) degree in International Commercial Law from Brunel University London, Despoina has solidified her expertise in the legal facets of the global business environment, providing a sturdy foundation to navigate the legal challenges within the esports and video game industry. At Esports Legal News, Despoina not only brings her academic rigor and legal expertise but also plays a crucial role in the coordination of a major ELN project, which, while still confidential, promises to be a significant contribution to the esports industry. She ensures that the intersection of Intellectual Property, Internet law, and the video game industry is navigated with precision, depth, and foresight, contributing to the ethical and legal progression of the esports industry.